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This record is Timothy's first release from 2013. This self-titled debut is a great insight as to where his music has come from in the past few years and may provide hints as to where it is yet to go. Most of the songs on the EP were written after a substantial creative dry spell, where Timothy was feeling the pressures of playing the sometimes monotonous pub curcuit throughout greater NSW/ACT. After a generous offer of some writing time alone at a friends farm in the Hunter Valley (NSW), Timothy emerged just 5 days later with the songs that would be his first release. Recorded with long time friend and engineer, Ben Moore, at a home in Woonona (NSW) and a barn in Kangaroo Valley (NSW), these songs became what they are today. Stand out tracks include 'Let Me Be Your Fire' & 'The Beggar'.



1. Lady Fortune (Timothy Bowen)

2. The Beggar (Timothy Bowen)

3. Kelp & Line (Timothy Bowen/Clare Bowen)

4. Untitled (Timothy Bowen)

5. Our Love (Timothy Bowen/Christina Mullany)

6. My All (Timothy Bowen)

7. Heartbeat (Timothy Bowen)

Hidden track - 8. Let Me Be Your Fire (Timothy Bowen)

Timothy James Bowen (Self titled) EP (2013)

SKU: TJB-001
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