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Steel & Wood first made it's appearance on tour with Grammy nominated act, The Milk Carton Kids, in a much different form to what it is now. After a re-master and a re-print, it made it into it's current form and features incredibly stripped back, raw songs by Bowen, most notiably, 'Answer the Call' - used by Virgin Mobile Australia for their national stores and call centres, & 'Breathe Easy' - over 10,000 streams on Spotify.



1. Breathe Easy (Timothy Bowen/Stephanie Jones)

2. Answer the Call (Timothy Bowen)

3. After Wintertime (Timothy Bowen/Clare Bowen)

4. Little Bird (Timothy Bowen)

5. Promise (Timothy Bowen/Clare Bowen)

6. Dharawal (Timothy Bowen/Clare Bowen)

7. Whatever Makes You Happy (Timothy Bowen/John Flanagan)

Steel & Wood EP (2016)

SKU: TJB-002
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